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Recover data from optical discs

DVD, CD and FloppyData recovery from CD , DVD and Floppy is performed using special software that efficiently recovers data from such media.

Standards of production and capacity, as well as long-term presence of these types of media, represent a mitigating circumstance for data recovery.

The media we are referring to, are portable and problems with them are mostly mechanical in nature.

Damaged surface of the media prevents the reading device to read the data correctly. Computer sends a command to read the corrupted sector again but, if the damage is such that it is impossible to read the data, defective media will block the computer.

The problems that can occur with these types of media are deleted or overwritten data, unfinished disk burning sessions, bad sectors on floppy disks etc…

Degauser for data destructionData destruction

Permanent deletion of data is possible to achieve in two ways:

1. By writing the new data over the existing locations (which isn’t possible when the disk is damaged)

2. By demagnetization

Demagnetization is the process of data deletion using a strong magnetic field and it is used when it’s necessary to destroy the data irreversibly. It is particularily convenient when used on damaged hard drives on which it is impossible to access the data to delete it.

HelpDisc uses ‘‘Degauser” to wipe data on all modern devices for storing digital data on a computer that operate using magnetic media: hard disk drives of any size (ATA, SATA, SAS, SCSI drives size 1.8 “, 2.5”, 3.5 “), magnetic tapes (LTA, DLT)…

Emergency start 

Emergency serviceEmergency start Emergency start is our service in which the diagnosis is performed immediately after receiving the media during working hours. Usually, the client is informed on the type of failure aswell as the cost of recovery, except when the media is received too late during the work hours for the diagnosis to be determined.

Emergency start service is charged in addition to data recovery price according to our pricelist.


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