HelpDisc Data recovery

    HelpDisc Ltd. has proven itself in the Republic of Serbia as a reliable partner in cases of data loss from defective media.

    This is witnessed by numerous satisfied customers from all over the country, and untold amounts of recovered data.

    We have achieved market success primarily due to the speed and high quality of our service, but also due to absolute concern for the security and confidentiality of data.

    Using the latest technology and cutting-edge tools created within the HelpDisc, we came to a high percentage of successful recovery and data protection after the recovery.

    For successful data recovery, beside having latest equipment, the most important is the experience. Over 8,000 clients in the past ten years are the best reference of our success.

    During our work we have developed HddSurgery tools for data recovery and we can proudly say that almost all of the leading data recovery company in the world uses our tools.

    HelpDisc Serbia is a full member of GDRA (Global Recovery Alliance) – Associations of data recovery experts around the world.

    This way, we have available the latest knowledge, experience and techniques that are used in specific situations.

    Our team is continuously educating in dealing with the latest technology and applies them in everyday work.

    Therefore we are familiar with all media and there are no obstructions. Our experience of over 20 years guarantees the highest service quality.

    Internal organization of the company ensures satisfaction to every employee and maximum fulfillment of business and private interest as well.

    Team work, the culture of good relations among colleagues and horizontal structure of the company encourages employees to the initiative and allows them to control their results that are recognized and rewarded.


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    Milutina Milankovića 1E, Novi Beograd.
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