Data recovery

Data recovery service

Data recovery is a task that we do successfully for many years. The strong performance in data recovery has been achieved thanks to a dedication to work, which put us as the right choice the data recovery cases.

In order to perform data recovery process, it is necessary for the clients to deliver media in our room. Clients can bring the media directly to our offices, or they can sent it via some of the courier service.

If client want to send the media via some of the courier services, it is necessary to fill in an online application on our Customer service form.

The process of data recovery

After we receive the media, the first step is diagnosis. Diagnosis takes up to three working days and is free of charge. If the media does not have any physical damage, diagnosis involves cloning the entire contents of the media on the so-called clone drive.

Clone disk is an identical copy of the patient media and has the same data on it.

For devices with physical malfunctions, in order to perform cloning, it is necessary to first temporarily enable them to work (replace defective head, replace bad motor on a hard disk, etc…).

The price of data recovery does not depend on the amount of data on the media, but solely on the type of failure. If the media has more different types of failures, client will be charged only for the most complicated problem.

If the client agrees with the price, which is establish upon completion of diagnosis, final step for data recovery process may begin.

The process of data recovery is done with the utmost discretion and all of our clients can be confident that their data is safe.

On request, we can sign the Contract on confidentiality of data.

When the data recovery process is done, it is necessary for the client to deliver a device (hard drive, USB flash stick…) to store the recovered files.

Our Customer service allows customers to track the status of work and to check the list of the saved data using job identification number and password code that is given at the beginning of the process.

If data recovery is completed unsuccessfully, there will be no charge for the service. The process of data recovery does not end when the client retrieves the data. A copy of all data is stored on our servers for seven days after the date of takeover.

Data recovery laboratory

To ensure maximum efficiency and the quality, we have equipped our operational center with the most modern laboratory for data recovery.

We have a separate Clean room unit with three laminar chambers. Clean room ensures high air purity, while Laminar flow chamber prevents dust particles with a diameter greater than 0.3μ to come in contact with the platters of the hard drive.

We use the latest software for data recovery, as well as support tools that we developed under the brand of HddSurgery.

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