Data recovery from USB Flash sticks and memory cards

usb stick and SD cartData recovery from USB Flash sticks and memory cards, beside SSD data recovery, is the biggest challenge in data recovery at the time.

Reason for that is a large number of producers, non-defined standards and short exploitation periods of these devices.

Flash drives and memory cards are made in purpose of making small, stable, resistant and transferable devices for storing the data.

Without mobile parts, heads and motor, they soon have found its use in all transferable devices pushing aside hard disks, floppy and mini hard disks from almost all mobile devices.

However, all that mobility is not going without flaws. High sensitivity to electric discharges, as well as problems in connecting the device can cause frequent failures.

Types of failure on USB Flash sticks and memory cards:

  • Logical failure – lost partition, deletion of data, damage caused by viruses, reinstallation of the operating system, damaged database
  • Electronic failures – electric shocks, controller mulfunction
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