Hard disk drive

Hard disk drive (HDD) data recovery

hdd1Data recovery from the hard disk drive begins with the diagnosis of device. If it is determined that there is a problem in the mechanics or electronics, is it necessary to make the temporary repair of a hard disk, in order to access to data.

Hard drives are devices that are not meant to be repaired, but is necessary to replace defective components. When there is no more mechanical or electronic barriers, it is possible to continue data recovery process.

Data recovery from the hard disk is further done by cloning the content of the drive, sector by sector.

Hardware malfunctions on hard drives can be divided in categories:

  • Logical problems – lost partition, deletion of data, damage caused by viruses, reinstallation of the operating system, damaged database
  • Electronics failure – electric shocks, overheating
  • Head crash – non-functional element for reading /writing the data, identified by loud rhythmic clicking, which can be heard from the inside of the casing
  • Motor failure – jammed motor, recognized by weak buzzing sound coming from the hard drive
  • Firmware issue – can be recognized if the data on the hard drive is inaccessible and the hard drive makes no specific sounds
  • Platter damage (Bad sectors) – The problem with bad sectors can be recognized by the slow work of computer, lack of access to some data and directories, as well as the automatic turning on of CHECK DISK.

hdd2Packing and sending the media

To successfully recover data from your media, it is crucial that the media come to our office with no additional damage caused by bad treatment during transport.

It is therefore important to follow few tips for proper packing and sending of the sensitive media.

Retail versions of the media come in packages that are suitable for transportation. If you have such a medium and its packaging, it is best to send it that way.

If you didn’t get your media in retail packaging, it is important to pack the media properly. Below are some recommendations and guidelines to assure that your media arrives in our office safely:

  • All media must be packed in anti-static bags (ESD bags). CD, DVD & floppy media can be in their respective plastic covers.
  • Plastic packaging for a hard drive can replace an anti-static bag. Such a package should be further strengthened in a cardboard box with styrofoam.
  • The outer wrapper of packages should be made of hard cardboard
  • Whole interior space must be filled with styrofoam or sponge, with a cutout for placing the media. You can also use the foam flakes or a bubble wrap.
  • Media must not have an area in which he could move freely inside the box. It must be coated with a protective material from all six sides.
  • It is not necessary to send any cables or accessories, except in the case of external devices (external case, NAS, etc…). In that case, send attachments separately from the media in the same package.
  • Secure the package with wide duct tape.
  • HelpDisc is not responsible for any damage that occurred during the transport. Inform us of shipped package to our phone: +381 (0) 11 361 43 43. Also fill out the online application for recovery.


If you are not sure about the packaging of the media, feel free to call us or contact us via mail to: office@helpdisc.rs. Our staff will provide you with additional information.


When there is a problem with the data on the hard drive, it is important to immediately stop using computer or device that uses the hard drive.

If you continue to use the hard disk on which contains unavailable data, there is a big chance for transcribing these data, in which case data recovery becomes impossible to perform.

If you have a problem with the data on the hard drive, you can post your question in the text of questions, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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