Data Recovery Price list

The prices are fixed for a certain type of problem and do not depend on the amount of data on media. The price list refers to clients outside of Serbia.

The prices are not cumulative. If your medium has a number of different defects, you pay only for the cost of “the most difficult” defect.

You can see the price list of our services here.
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All prices are in Eur (€) currency.
Pricelist applies form 01.01.2022.

Data recovery from broken HARD DRIVES

Logic malfunction 120,00

– data recovery without opening and mending the HDD –

Electronics failure 200,00

– recover the data by replacing the drive electronics

Unreadable disk parts 250,00

– recover the data from drives with a high number of bad sectors

Head crash350,00

– recover the data by replacing the heads on hard drive

Motor failure360,00

– recover the data by replacing the motor

Firmware failure 275,00

– recover the data by repairing the damaged service zone of the hard drive

Data recovery from other media

RAID systemsPrice of a basic hard disk malfunction multiplied with the number of disks in RAID

Tape drives-DTL, DAT, AIT, LTO…300,00
/ per tape


/ per CD

Floppy diskette75,00
/ per floppy

All types of memory cards and USB flash drives60,00

– logic malfunction

All types of memory cards and USB flash drives * price depends of a capacity
0 – 16GB /   100,00
32 – 64GB / 150,00
128 – 256GB / 200,00
512GB / 250,00

– electronics failure

SSD (Solid State Drive)120,00

– logic malfunction

SSD (Solid State Drive)500,00

– Firmware/electronics failure

SSD (Solid State Drive)250,00

– Bad sectors

Data recovery from MOBILE PHONES

Mobile phones120,00

– Logical problems

Mobile phones250,00

– Firmware/electronics and other failures

Mobile phones450,00


Data recovery from databases and E-MAIL bases

SQL Server (.MDF)250,00


EXCHANGE Server (.EDB)250,00


Access (.MDB)250,00


Outlook (.PST)250,00


Outlook Express (.DBX)250,00


Additional services

Emergency start service50,00

– immediate start of data recovery on your media during working hours

Destruction of data with Degausser25,00

– Permanent removal of data from your media by demagnetizing

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